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Cozumel Apartment

Cozumel Apartment

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Cozumel Apartments Helpful Tips & Guidelines

Cozumel Apartments Helpful Tips & Guidelines



Your address is:  AV. 25 Bis C #7  entre calle 21 y calle 23  (we’re also on Google maps)



Internet connections:


Sunnet0284 – sunnete07b


Liberar tu red: cozumel4you     (this is a US signal – so you can have access to your own Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO etc.  – please save this connection – if possible for just the TVs so that it stays speedy)





If you haven’t done so already – we suggest you download this app onto your phone when you arrive.  It’s a great way to make free local calls & the preferred text communication for new friends, delivery service, and even international.


Add us to your WhatsApp:


Laura +52 987 1056498

Fabian +52 987 117 6762


If you have any sort of problem – water, electrical, etc, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Be Green & Kind


We try to be as green as we can, and as kind as possible to our fragile island ecosystem.  Please shut of the ACs and fans when you leave (it takes 10 minutes to cool the entire apartment down)  Please do not flush any paper down the toilet, it really will jam and cause a terrible mess.  Please use the trash cans provided.


Maid Service:Cozumel Apartment


Your maid’s name is Monica, and she comes on Wednesdays after 1 pm.  If you’d prefer a morning or a different day just let us know & we can work it out.  Monica has worked for us for years, is part of the family, &  enjoys a nice tip.



What’s Included in our Rentals

We provide a fully furnished apartment, with maid service and wifi.  Included in the apartments are


Bath towels & sheets

Pool/Beach towels

Blender, Coffee Maker, Microwave, Dual hotplate

Dishes, cutlery, pots, pans & kitchen gear

Small basic pantry (coffee, salt, pepper, etc)


Purified Water in Garafones in both the bathroom & kitchen (additional purified water is available under the stairs)

Plastic wine glasses & plastic beverage cups (Glass isn’t allowed at the pool)


Blue Tooth Speaker to connect to your music source



Items that aren’t included but we suggest bringing (if you need them):


Laptops, Tablets, Cell Phones and all of their respective chargers.   Hair dryer, specialty food items not found in our local supermarkets,  Helmets for the bicycles, portable water bottles, a blue tooth speaker if you’re specific about type/brand, an iron


Our apartments are for 2 people only.  Please feel free to entertain, use the grill, have friends over, however, we request that you respect our rule of 2 people only as far as sleeping arrangements





Parking is available inside the gate for scooters and bicycles. There is street parking available for cars & jeeps.  Please be respectful of our neighbors and their driveways.




Literally everything can be brought to your door.    You’ll find a selection of menus in the back of this book, and most of the other restaurants can be found in social media.


Every restaurant in the island delivers, and if they don’t they use a company called Room Service, which for a small surcharge – will deliver to your apartment.  Room Service can deliver wine, medicine, even socks (it’s happened)  right to your door.


Room Service is on WhatsApp – +52 987 1110756



The trash can located under the stairs next to the purified water is for recycling only, please.  We recycle glass, aluminum, paper, cardboard and plastic.




On the corner of calle 23 and Av 25 is a laundromat (AquAzul) that provides good service at a reasonable cost.  As far as sheets, beach towels and bath towels – we’ll take care of that.




Smoking is not permitted inside the apartments.  If you must smoke please do outside, use the ashtray provided, and be a considerate smoker.




There is an OXXO (a chain convenience store that has everything from beer to aluminum foil)  on 30 (one block in front) and 19 (two blocks to the left).


On the corner of 30 & 23 is a Farmacias Similares, which is a 24 hour pharmacy.  On 30th – within easy walking distance you’ll find an ice cream store, a cheese shop, tacos and even some pretty decent sushi (Mayayumi – one block north of OXXO)


On Sundays on 23 (just beside the convenience store) there’s a stand that sells tortas & tacos of conchinita pibil.




Bicycles & Snorkel Gear


Our rentals include both bicycles (with locks) and snorkel gear.  If you want them just ask us!  Please keep in mind that it’s important to use common sense and lock the bicycles and don’t leave the snorkel gear unattended.  It’s a use at your own risk policy, so if it’s lost, we will ask for a fair replacement fee.




Although Cozumel is a safe island, please exercise normal caution.  Lock doors and windows, especially when you leave.  Do not leave your bicycle unlocked.  Don’t leave expensive belongings – dive gear for example – hanging unattended in plain sight.  Take advantage of your room safe.




Taxi are relatively cheap and easy to come by.  You can either stand on 30th and flag one down.  Contact Taxis Cozumel on Facebook, or call 011 52 987 8720041.



Other services & recommendations


Want a masseuse to come to your door?  Laura knows the perfect person.  Fishing trip?  Fabis has a dude.  We’ve lived here for 20 years & are FULL of opinions. We’re adding brochures to the back of this book, but we’re also happy to recommend friends.



Cozumel Apartment Mar Exterior


How to Operate Appliances in Mar Apartment


Room Safe – The door to the safe should be open.  On the back of the door – where the batteries are is a red button.  Push this button until it beeps.  After the beep, you can put a 4 – 8 digit code into the  keypad. When you’ve finished your code, press either the C or E. You’ll see a green light saying your code has been accepted and you can close the safe.  You’ll use your code to open the safe when you’re ready.  Please leave the safe open when you’re finished and ready to leave.  If all else fails.  Fabian has the key for entry.


Air Conditioning – The AC is an “inverter”  energy saving green type.  We recommend not changing any of the functions and keeping it no lower than 19 degrees © since they seem to work best at this temperature.  The unit has a variety of settings – but just make sure that the snowflake is clearly displayed.  We’ve already set it at the best setting for the apartment, so it’s really not necessary to change the settings.



TV –   Your TV has local cable channels – there should be a guide under the remote.  Most of the 300 channels are in Spanish – but there are several in English – or at least those with subtitles – that you can watch


Fridge – the fridge is an inverter type as well, and saves energy.  There is a bag of purified ice in the freezer which is safe to drink.


Netflix & US Pay Channels

The TV is smart and should be connected to the US internet signal  via a roku player(Liberar tu red) On the buttons on the top row you need to select the connetions icon and then chose HDMI 1 which will start the Roku player.


Once the Roku is up and running –  you can use it to navigate to your paid channel of choice.


Microwave –   The microwave is in Spanish.  Inicio means start.


When you leave – please return your keys to the lockbox outside the right-hand side of the gate





















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